• There is snow outside on the bridge
  • It snows occasionally
  • If you stand out on the bridge too long, you will get frostbite
  • There are snowballs initially on the bridge, they regenerate armor.
  • You can pick up and keep a snowball if you have made a kill in the past two minutes.
  • Event: Snowball fight - The forts toss snowballs at each other.
  • Event: Disco Snow - The snow outside glows random colors.
  • Located in the flag room.
  • If you touch one, you will begin to pee in it.
  • There are 4 different colors of pee, depending on your condition.
  • If you pee in one in the enemy base for over 5 seconds, it will refill your health.
Sentry Guns
  • Sentry guns leak gibs when damaged
  • If heavily damaged, they appear darker and tilt to one side
  • When you give a sentry more health (via upgrade or repair), it will love you for it
  • Teleporter entrances have arrows indicating which direction they will send you
  • The length and size of the arrow shows how far it goes
  • A tail on the arrow shows how far up or down it will send you
  • Enemies as well as friendlies can see the arrows
  • Bucks are a simple number game for fun, and double as currency.
  • Commands: !give, !Bucks, !hud, !pubBucks
  • If you kill someone in their base, you will get 70% of their Bucks, plus 1
  • If you kill someone in your base, you will get 29% of their Bucks, plus 1
  • You will get 33% of a persons Bucks plus one for killing their sentry.
  • You will get 10 Bucks for suiciding while infected
  • You will get 100 Bucks for capturing the flag, and 20 for touching it.
  • You will gain 100 Bucks for completing a hunt, and 50 Bucks for foiling one.
  • If you go for three minutes without a kill, you will lose half your Bucks every minute.
  • Bucks are redistributed to everyone when you are idle, or when you !give them away.
  • You may use Bucks to purchase stuff from ralphy (see below)
  • Betting is currently disabled
  • Commands: !hunt, !tscore
  • After you complete or fail a hunt, you must wait 2 hours until you may hunt again.
  • When you start a hunt, you will have 5 minutes to kill your victim.
  • Your victim's name, health, and location will show on your HUD for the duration of the hunt.
  • You will get another hunt if your victim leaves, changes team, stays dead, or hides in respawn.
  • You will fail your hunt if you are killed by your victim, switch teams, leave, or run out of time.
Spawn Protection
  • When players spawn, they are given spawn protection, which lasts until shortly after they leave the spawn.
  • Players can lose spawn protection by being near friendly players that do not have it, firing a weapon, priming a grenade, or using a teleporter.
  • Any enemy damage done to a player while protected is reflected back to the attacker.
  • If a player is dead or dies while attacking a fresh spawn, they will have a delay before they can spawn again.
Bridge Gods
  • For every enemy your team kills on the bridge, your team gains a point.
  • Backpacks will rise from the side of the bridge credited, and an explosion will show, that will progressively get bigger.
  • Once you get 25 points, your score is reset to 0, and each member of the team is given 50 points of health, each enemy is reduced by 20.
  • Note that the enemy score is not reset as well. Scores are reset at the end of the match.
  • From time to time, a health refill will be available in the center of the map, which appears as a floating blue healthkit
  • Commands: !unf, !tscore
  • After you uNF someone, you must wait one hour before doing it again, unless its been 24 hours since your last one.
  • The server will keep a running total of how many people have uNF'd you.
  • If you uNF someone for the first time, you will score a deflowering.
  • Players explode hearts when they get unfed, and drip hearts for a bit after.
  • Commands: !beer, !bagel, !pizza, !weed
  • Ralphy is the server service bot, he hands out random goodies and insults.
  • If you ask Ralphy a question (beginning with 'ralphy'), he will answer you up to 6 times.
  • Previously, lyrics or other lines will display on the bottom of the HUD, and if you named the source, you could get a cookie.
  • Currently, you have a chance of getting a cookie if you switch teams to help balance them/improve match quality.
  • Cookies are completely pointless, except as an icon next to your name on the stats page.

User Commands
  • !help - Brings up a dialog showing all commands enabled on server.
  • !setinfo [line] - sets your info line, which is displayed when you join, once per game. You must have at least 10 hours played for it to show.
  • !admins - Shows admins on server, also !pubadmins to show everyone.
  • !time - Shows time remaining in match, also !pubtime.
  • !info - Shows information about the server, URL, email, etc.
  • !gender - Toggles your gender between male and female for server references.
  • !teams - Shows everyone the number of players on each team
  • !stat - Shows stats on your current class, unless you name one (!stat sniper)
  • !tstat - Shows your alltime stats on your current class or the one you specify
  • !score - Shows your current kills/deaths/etc.
  • !tscore - Shows your alltime kills/deaths/etc.
  • !ratio - Shows your current/alltime/and class ratio (!ratio sniper)
  • !skill - Gives a breakdown of your skill rating
  • !sstat - Shows your server totals, such as joins, lines said, etc.
  • !gstat - Shows your generic stats, everything that didnt fit into one of the other commands.
  • !tgstat - Like !gstat, but for alltime instead of current.
  • !pub* - For most commands, will show the result to everyone, instead of just you, like !pubgstat, !pubratio
  • !glow - Toggles glowing when you are over 100% health.
  • !regulars - Shows the people currently playing who have over 50 hours played total.
  • !irregulars - Shows the people not on !regulars (there is also no !pub version)
  • !medic - Shows the location of your team medics.
  • !streak - Shows your streak records, including number of streaks ended.
  • !sw - Toggles screen fading effects, these can have a detrimental effect on software mode players.
  • !msg [player] [message] - Sends a private message to another player
  • !reply - Sends a private message to the last person that sent you a message. You can get a handy reply key with a console command akin to bind backspace "messagemode !reply"
  • !played - Shows the amount of time you have played on the server.
  • !resetnames - Resets the time played on each of your names, enabling you to choose a new 'primary name'
  • !formUp - Informs your team you are forming up for a flag run, includes a sound and icon
  • !fix - Fixes any black spots that may be on the walls after lights out events.
  • !music - Plays a random half-life music track.
  • %l - When said in team or pub chat, the server will substitute your location, similar to %a and %h
Events (Dosomethings)
  • Events can be triggered by an admin, console user, or they sometimes randomly happen.
  • Disco Inferno - Visual effect changing the colors of entities around you randomly.
  • I.V. Drip - Health is increased by 5 points for everyone, every 2 seconds for a minute.
  • Holographic TFC - Players appear as holographs for the duration of the event.
  • Ethereal TFC - Players appear semi-transparent for the duration of the event.
  • Spotlight TFC - Bright lights surround each player (similar to UT Dark match or whatever)
  • MegaBuff - Players are brought to 255 health every second for 35 seconds, then taken down to 1 health.
  • Lunar Gravity - Low gravity for the duration of the event.
  • Washing Machine - Gravity alternates between 800 and -800 for the duration of the event.
  • Ice Rink - Friction is reduced for the duration of the event.
  • When Water Attacks - sv_wateramp (water wave amplification) is altered throughout the event.
  • Negative Sunlight - Players outside appear completely black.
  • Helium filled Players - Players move with less gravity while other objects (grenades, backpacks) operate with normal gravity.
  • Invisibility - Players appear invisible for the duration of the event.
  • Burrito TFC - Players offend and sometimes violently so for the duration of the event.
  • Fat Guys With Flatulence - HWGuys offend, same as burrito otherwise.
  • Fourth Of July - Fireworks appear in the sky for the duration of the event.
  • Excessive Medic Calls - Players explode 'healme' signs, and scream for healing often.
  • Raining Men - People fall from the sky.
  • Raining Grenades - Grenades fall from the sky and explode.
  • Poisioned I.V. Drip - Players lose 7 health every 10 seconds for a minute.
  • Fire & Brimstone - Fire is thrown onto the bridge, which causes damage to everyone except pyros.
  • Pinball TFC - Players move extremely fast and bounce off walls for 10 seconds. (Bring your barf bags)
  • Bovine Love - Player names get a 'cow' appended onto them, and players randomly moo.
  • Tron - Players have trails follow them for the event.
  • Lightswitch Raver - The lights appear to be switched on and off quickly for 30 seconds.
  • Earthquake - The ground shakes for 30 seconds.
  • Love is in the Air - Hearts explode from players for 60 seconds.
  • Lag/Spamfest - All players are teleported to the bridge. All grenades are MIRV grenades.
  • Armageddon - A large explosion on the bridge kills everyone on it, lingering radiation effects harm everyone for 20 seconds after
  • Fattie Revenge - Explosive HWGuys fall from the sky.
  • Ralphy hates you - Ralphy sends everyone an insult and promptly kills them.
  • Mute - Players have limited sound for 30 seconds.
  • Rainbow Players - Players randomly change colors for 60 seconds.
  • Steam Powered - Players fart out steam every half second, for 30 seconds. All grenades are gas grenades.
  • Bouncey Bouncey - Player bounce uncontrollably around in the sky around the bridge.
  • Switch - Players get switched into the opposite fort every few seconds.
  • Noobs Anonymous - Everyone gets named 'Player', and they all say noobish things.
  • Dolly's Revenge - Explosive sheep fall from the sky.
  • Basement LightSwitch Rave - Basements in both forts get laser and firework type effects, along with the normal LightSwitch Raver event.
  • Basement Laser Show - Laser show appears in both basements
  • Decoys - Decoy players run around the map for 60 seconds
  • Personal Fireworks - Fireworks explode from every player for 60 seconds
  • No Grenades -- Players no longer have grenades for the duration of the event
  • KillStreak - Shown on HUD at 5, announced at 15, at which point you receive a white glow. After 30, you start to drip 'cotton poofs', leaving a trail.
  • DeathStreak - Shown on HUD at 5, announced at 25, automatic kick at 50.
  • Flag Carrier KillStreak - Shown on HUD at 3, announced at 5.
  • Grenade Killstreak - number of consecutive grenade kills, Announced at 20, this is NOT a good thing.
  • Sentry Gun Killstreak - Shown on HUD at 4, announced at 10.
  • Offensive Killstreak - Consecutive kills in enemy territory, announced at 7. Ends on death, defensive kill, or respawn lingering.
  • The server is connected to the irc channel #d2f on gamesurge (irc://irc.GameSurge.net:6667/d2f)
  • IRC users see all public chat in the server
  • The d2f bot will respond to !teams, !score, and !time
  • More info, along with irc help and guides in this forum post
  • With 5 minutes left in match, the sky color may change to green or purple outside.
  • Players who are infected have green icons floating above their heads, see their world as slightly green, and spurt out infection icons.
  • If you pass an infection to a teammate, a brief green beam appears between you and them.
  • If you die while infected, a residual green glow is left.
  • Players who die with the flag will leave a residual glow of their team color
  • When a team captures the flag, fireworks will show up in their base and outside it to celebrate
  • A player who captures a flag will have their grenades refilled
  • When you reach a total amount of kills that is a multiple of 10,000, for two minutes the cotton poofs mentioned above explode out of you.
  • Repeated suicides in a match will result in a respawn delay