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D2F Discussion
Mature general discussion relating to the D2F servers, webpage, players, etc.
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If the nuke was nerf'd a bit.....
  Ignorant_Florist  ( Last Post )
15 hours ago
Voice chat causes massive lag
  dik  ( Last Post )
7 days ago
Jinx here
  Echo  ( Last Post )
13 days ago
D2F Whiners Corner
Free for all, go ahead and whine about being banned, kicked, ridiculed, etc.
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Disrupting teammates ban?
  Smoke  ( Last Post )
6 hours ago
Don't open the fucking door
  TheWolf  ( Last Post )
9 hours ago
Epz is 14 away from #1 in flag...
  blacksheiladog  ( Last Post )
14 hours ago
General Discussion
Anything non-D2F related, whatever strikes your fancy.
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Phunny or knot
  dsm  ( Last Post )
6 days ago
Uk peeps - long shot, but fanc...
  Shemmie  ( Last Post )
8 days ago
Hi everyone
  AirBosS  ( Last Post )
11 days ago
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