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[SHS]Hitz wrote:
Gold has reached record levels. Unbelievable gains in the last year especially. This means large volumes of fiat have been stored in gold, rather than the very profitable stock market. Financially, something is afoot.
Found an entertaining cartoon on Youtube with humor, taking our simple american homeowner on a journey with a time traveler showing how the fed is being run by a secret group of wealthy families printing money. While there might be some conspiracies baked into this, like people that died trying to stop this lol... there are still people out there that either think our paper money is backed by gold or that our government is 100% transparent about the entire process from start to finish in how money is printed into existence which is definitely not true & this shows that in a fun way.

Was going to put down 3 or 4 links with the first 90seconds, the first 5minutes and the first 12minutes but instead I'll just link the entire clip in the highest quality I could find.

Released 13 years ago, so this isn't a "response" to trump, covid or even bitcoin as it was made in 2011 or earlier. Not even a response to our very recent inflation issue either, a five layer burrito was 89 cents in 2010 when they filmed this instead of $5.39 today at Taco Bell.

The Collapse of the American Dream Explained in Animation

In the end, it is my belief that larger events occur globally where leaders get picked or elected allowing for companies to succeed or fail on a much larger platform. Ultimately resulting in even more wealth and control for a select few powerful families operating in the shadows. But covid! But trump! but but... these are labels or excuses, reasons to blame or congratulate "someone or something" if the results of your personal life were changed. You can't blame 80 people without a name or face, or a group of ultra mega rich families if you don't have a name for them pulling the strings of humanity. In the future homelessness will be a trend, used clothing sections in major shopping stores, where the average american will continue to struggle as their lifestyle gets worse over the decades as the wealth gap squeeze continues across the earth.
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