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P: 07/13/2024 22:32
American KGB wrote:
^Anything you're reading at this point that claims to know the bullet caliber used is obviously premature.

That said, a .22LR bullet to the head is most assuredly lethal. Additionally, someone that was in the crowd is confirmed to be dead. That would seem to give credence to the lethal nature of the rounds that were used unless of course it is your claim that the dead person was shot by someone else.
I used to have a .177 caliber CO2 pistol, and there were two different rounds I used for that thing. One, had a relatively flat tip for piercing paper targets. The other, that could be lethal if it hits the right spot.

I listened carefully to the videos being played, and I honestly don't recognize that sound. I've fired quite a few different guns in my day, but never heard one that sounded like that. Could be the distance involved (if indeed it was a building), or something else.

Makes me want to take my .22 out somewhere remote and fire off a few rounds to compare. I have both .22 and .22LRs to load it with.

Either way, this is NOT the thing to do, no matter which side of the aisle you're on.
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