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P: 04/10/2021 11:26
E: 04/10/2021 15:48
kyree wrote:
Reckoner wrote:
Dunno him actually... apparently they were banned for some odd reason from the Evil Servers :P
[SK]NightStalker - Permanent Ban -cuz this 12 year old dyke can - -[EVIL]-Angi
Interesting reason, jaja :D
I have started to lose any respect I had for anyone that frequents that piece of shit server...I actually got banned from that cesspool for throwing and mirv in the room by main spawn...not even fucking close to that admins that shit hole reading a bag of dicks...I'd rather jack off with a handfull of broken glass than log into that festering puss sack of shit
oh and Angi...any time I see you on're gonna eat the shit I feed you...foh clown
you might wanna file for a protective order cuz imma harass you like an abusive husband
did anybody miss the old me?
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