Peeing on Midgets is Super. (STEAM_0:0:1215184)
Studies show that oral sex causes throat cancer.
Killer Scout, Body Splatter, Sniper Harassment Duty, Pipey FlagCatcher, Acupuncture Service, Heavy Meat Grinder, Napalm in the Morning, Sniper Shishkabob Creator, Engineer Spreading Happiness

Last joined on 5/20/2009. First recorded join on 7/22/2004.

Peeing on Midgets is Super. has also been known as: [d2f]What is the Peetrix?, Stupid: The 8th deadly sin., [d2f]Peeing on Midgets is Super, [d2f]Peeing on Elves is Super., [d2f]I am but a child's wonder, [d2f]I pee, therefore I am., Player, [d2f]Bono will die by my hand, [d2f}Peeing on Midgets is Super, (1)Player, [d2f]Peeing since 10/09/2001, [*NSYNC]Chris, [d2f]Population: Tire, [d2f]Peeing on Midget is Super, [d2f]Peeing on Ghosts is Scary, [d2f]Peeing on Elves is Super, [d2f]Peeing in 2004 is Super, [d2f}Peeing on Turkey is Sleepy, Five Sided Fistagon, [d2f]Turtleface, goatbutter, [d2f]Peeing in grass is super, [d2f]Peeing on Mazda is Super, [d2f]Peeing, the SG hero, [d2f]Peeing Green is Super, [d2f]Midgets, [d2f]The Passion of Peeing, [d2f]Peeing on my birthday, [d2f]Peeing on Mormans is Super

     Kills Per Hour for each Class
Generic Totals
Hours Played: 988.38 (#377)
Enemy Kills: 52,592 (#407)
Deaths from Enemies: 43,823
Kill to Death Ratio: 1.00:1 (#6686)
Kills Per Hour: 53.21 (#9004)
Suicides: 8,543
Team Kills: 144
Deaths from Team: 176
Team to Enemy Kills: 1:365.22
Flag Caps: 608 (#344)
Lines Said: 34,262
Team to Global Lines: 1:2.12
Kicks: 0
Server Joins: 1,768
Offense Kills: 18,520
Defense Kills: 24,446
(off and def kills were not always tracked)
Flag Carrier Kills: 1,097 (#560)
Sentry Gun Kills: 4,482 (#270)
Dispenser Kills: 1,888 (#259)
Teleporter Exits Destroyed: 188
TP Entrances Destroyed: 140

Classes Played
Scout: 1% (14.78 Hrs)
Sniper: 24% (243.75 Hrs)
Soldier: 18% (179.33 Hrs)
Demoman: 4% (45.70 Hrs)
Medic: 15% (156.05 Hrs)
HWGuy: 4% (47.63 Hrs)
Pyro: 0% (5.55 Hrs)
Spy: 3% (34.07 Hrs)
Engineer: 17% (174.42 Hrs)
RandomPC: 7% (71.48 Hrs)

     Hours played for each Class

Game Records
Most Enemy Kills: 104
Most Friendly Kills: 5
Most Deaths: 122
Most Suicides: 23
Lines Said (all): 79
Lines Said (team): 67

Custom Stats
Total uNFs: 217 (#315)
Deflowerings: 168 (#147)
Successful Hunts: 97
Failed Hunts: 105
Hunts Foiled: 25
Hunt Success: 48% (#535)
Beer Purchases: 82
Bagel Purchases: 27
Nuke Purchases: 8