robble robble (STEAM_0:0:6325161)
Killer Scout, Body Splatter, Rocket Jockey, Crouching Demo Hidden Pipebomb, Acupuncture Service, Fast Fattie, Acid Dealer, Engineer Spreading Happiness

Last joined on 12/17/2011. First recorded join on 1/15/2005.

robble robble has also been known as: bushs nut sack is on your chin, bushs nutsack is on your chin, [CHRISTIAN]servant of death, jesus camp kid, jesus loves meatloaf, lou sanus, apply directly to the foreskin, apply directly to the forehead, apply directly to the foreskin, hue jashole, OshKoshBeGolly, straight man robble robble, proud mexican illegal in americ, gobble gobble, the pope died?????, the pope died????, proud mexican illegal in the us, harry paratestes, owned, Joel Osteen,I'm god you bitches, appy directly to the foreskin, The dude who slipped in your mo, jesuscopter(watching you)awoo, steam sucks!!!!!!!, apply directly to the christmas, simpletonslovebush, my twisted sister' uterus, apply directly to the forskin, OshKoshBGolly

     Kills Per Hour for each Class
Generic Totals
Hours Played: 1161.03 (#312)
Enemy Kills: 86,723 (#225)
Deaths from Enemies: 40,071
Kill to Death Ratio: 1.99:1 (#481)
Kills Per Hour: 74.69 (#2774)
Suicides: 3,563
Team Kills: 805
Deaths from Team: 598
Team to Enemy Kills: 1:107.73
Flag Caps: 162 (#936)
Lines Said: 38,634
Team to Global Lines: 1:1.22
Kicks: 4
Server Joins: 2,504
Offense Kills: 24,698
Defense Kills: 62,025
(off and def kills were not always tracked)
Flag Carrier Kills: 1,249 (#499)
Sentry Gun Kills: 2,436 (#454)
Dispenser Kills: 634 (#636)
Teleporter Exits Destroyed: 2150
TP Entrances Destroyed: 402

Classes Played
Scout: 0% (0.50 Hrs)
Sniper: 22% (260.67 Hrs)
Soldier: 2% (26.40 Hrs)
Demoman: 0% (3.77 Hrs)
Medic: 0% (6.78 Hrs)
HWGuy: 44% (515.73 Hrs)
Pyro: 0% (1.23 Hrs)
Spy: 19% (231.02 Hrs)
Engineer: 8% (97.42 Hrs)
RandomPC: 0% (0.02 Hrs)

     Hours played for each Class

Game Records
Most Enemy Kills: 142
Most Friendly Kills: 10
Most Deaths: 73
Most Suicides: 11
Lines Said (all): 67
Lines Said (team): 49

Custom Stats
Total uNFs: 355 (#201)
Deflowerings: 6 (#901)
Successful Hunts: 9
Failed Hunts: 5
Hunts Foiled: 14
Hunt Success: 64% (#208)
Beer Purchases: 104
Bagel Purchases: 36
Nuke Purchases: 0