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Shotgun Quick

P: 03/21/2021 23:15 EST
[SHS]Hitz wrote:
angry_salad wrote:
[SHS]Hitz wrote:
I'm recording all my matches now. I'll be posting clips of those that grief/troll/disrupt my gameplay from now on. I'm sick of this shizzle.

#0001 Hose A: 38299828 - intentional team infecting

Why are you sniping from the elevator like a wanker?
I'm not a very good ranged sniper, so I lay in ambush in my base, in different locations. I tend to miss my sniper shot, then rush in and melee up close with the AR, while lobbing grens. It's quite effective and fun (for me).
you mean you mean you miss your sniper shots because of that huge fucking crosshair?? that shit is terrible, get something smaller