Ralphy now serves !pizza, enjoy the special sauce.
Legalization! Ralphy will now trust everyone, and also respond to !weed.
Additional sensors installed in the forts.. Lights over the sniper dropdown and the main spawn exit will flash red if there are enemies nearby
Team balancing changes implemented, should cut down on people who stack the teams.
Server has moved to a new host, now in NJ. Connect to tfc.lunaticrage.com or
Server has moved to a new host! Connect to tfc.lunaticrage.com or
... and trying out no deaths being reported on the scoreboard (you can still see your own with !score or !ratio) (trying failed, this has been removed)
Trying out 45 minute matches...
Time limit on matches changed from 60 to 30 minutes
Spring arrives, unrealistically late.
To address player concerns about 'skilless grenade spam', all grenades (except for the grenade launcher) have been removed from the game.

   Teleporter arrows -->
   They point in the direction the teleporter goes.
   The length/size of the arrow shows how far the teleporter will send you.
   If it has a tail, it shows how far up or down the exit is.
Transferred to a new web/database server to address stability isses More info...
Transferred to a new web/database server More info...
Server had a hiccup. More info...
D2F has changed hosting providers, and is now at
Server is having some hardware issues. It should be able to make it through the weekend, and then expect for it to be down starting monday for a while. More info...
The automated entity running the server would like you to know that it is halloween. Just Friday Friendly Fire now too.
Spring arrived earlier this week, and the easter egg hunt begins today
Friendly fire days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. There is a map with users on the site plotted, just for fun.
Winter is finally here. Your beloved snowballs are back.
Halloween arrives, full blown.
The easter egg hunt ends. Ranks are posted here. The rankings are weighted by the percentage of eggs you found that you could have found -- making the playing field a bit more even for those that couldnt dedicate their entire weekend to finding eggs.
The easter egg hunt begins!
Fashionably late, Spring arrives.
Winter returns.
Give thanks, for a good grenade shipment came in!
New default page theme: Winter Night. Also, the 'default' theme has never been selectable.
New grenades finally arrived. I had to go through some rather unsavory channels for these, so they better be worth it!
So someone screwed up the monthly supply shipment for the server, as a result grenade rationing is in effect. You still get the standard amount when you spawn, but the grenade bags are rationed to only give out one normal grenade. We are into alternative grenade sources, so please bear with us!
Halloween stuff is up.
Forums have been updated, a couple bug fixes, you can now delete threads you start (if nobody else has posted in them), and you can create polls. A poll of note is up regarding Spawn Camping/Spamming that may change the rule!

A F.A.Q. has also been put in place of the Admins/Info page that answers a lot of common questions on the servers.

Server has moved to the new host, IP is, or you can connect via hl.qlad.net if you dont have an old ip cached for that address.
Forums have been changed a bit. If you use something other than the default theme and notice some out-of-place colors, let me know here.
There is a standard 50 threads to a page now. You can click on a thread cell (not on an actual link) to go to the newest unread post. If there are no unread posts, it goes to the beginning of the thread. You can hide threads you have already read. The threads older than two months are archived. The link to get to them doesnt work yet, so you will have to go a weekend without them.
The companion to the new Spring Day theme is finished. It is named, of all things, Spring Night.
Oh, but haven't you heard, Spring Night is the new default.
If you want the old default, you will need to log in and set your theme to 'Simple - Blue on Black'
There is a new SpringDay theme, which is essentially GreenWhite with a new layout. Bonus server graphs on the news page for anyone using it.
The Experimental theme is also similar, except with a modified BlueBlack theme, and its subject to change and breakage.
On eggs and lag:

Spring arrives, with grass and rain. The rain is a bit bandwidth intensive, so if you have broadband make sure your connection speed is set right in steam, or do 'rate 20000' in console. Otherwise, dont go outside when its raining hard.

The easter egg hunt is a bit different this year. In addition to the usual hidden eggs, there are eggs that are in plain sight, albeit somewhat difficult to reach.

In a survey by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 29 percent of respondents reported reducing their use of e-mail because of spam, and more than three-quarters, 77 percent, labeled the act of being online "unpleasant and annoying."
Winter approaches. Someone found a leafblower. There is connection music, as well as limited event music.

Has your bashing of teammates and unrequited personal attacks on random players netted you more bad karma than a small dictatorship? Do something good for the holidays and pay for some dying child to envision the next tfc.

WOLF won the admin vote! New gallery is up, with categories for player screenshots, screenshots, and player photos. You can submit your own pictures by clicking 'Upload File' in the login menu after you log in.
Halloween arrives with spiders, ghosts, and pumpkins. Pumpkins regenerate armor, and can be picked up and carried so long as you make a kill every 2 minutes at least. You can drop them like a flag (by default, press c). You will also drop them on death
New command method, translation, stats available. More tweaks to the forums for posting tags.
Admin voting! Place your vote for an admin in-game and I'll take the winners under consideration around November 2nd or so. Not a guarantee but pretty damn likely you will get at least a trial if you win!

You can vote by saying "!voteadmin (name)" in public chat for your choice. They have to be playing when you do, and you can change your vote whenever you want.

Spiders are back.
Leaves reduced outside, but now there is a leaf effect whenever you kill someone.
Forums work properly for showing new posts now.
New infection icon.
Autumn is here, lots o' leaves. Dolly packed up and left for the winter (no more sheep nukes). Real-time sky textures are back.
Added the ability to see new messages in the forums. Pills are renamed just for fun.
Added sheep nukes to the server. Pills are changed to give an offense advantage, its easier to get and keep pills when you are in the enemy base, and conversely harder in your own base.
Added urinals to the forts. Added a couple new gallery pictures
Server is moved over to STEAM. Everything appears to be working OK.
The page for switching your WON ID to your STEAM ID is finished. Click Here to access it, and instructions can be found in this forum post.

I also fixed the STD experiement stats lookup.

Important info concerning the move to steam here. In summary, I'm hoping to convert D2F to steam on Wednesday the 21st. Yes you can keep your stats. More info on that soon.

The image gallery has a new option to choose image size.

Server #2 is alive again. Fun!
Happy Fourth of July weekend. Sheep powered fireworks added to the server, along with new Basement LightSwitch Rave and Basement Laser Show events.
Forum subtitles are finally finished. Only took 6 months. Forums have a couple new features as well, a preview ability and last post links.

Dolly has appeared around the server again. Try and be nice.

You can see your donation history in your preferences if you have donated.

Added 'flag touches' to all class stat pages.

Did some more work on the forum subtitles, see this forum post for details.

Server #2 is down again, see that news page for more info. I've taken all the donations over the past year and a half and put it in a database, which is long overdue. Donators get a special little icon now on their stats page. If you have mailed a donation, please let me know when you did, as the trail on those donations isnt nearly as good as the online ones. Also some of the donators I have been unable to figure out. I emailed the ones I could, but if think you should have a donation icon on your stats, or have it on the wrong uniqueid, just email me.

The donations page has been redone with some stats, auto-updating account balance, and top 10 donator list.

Server #2 is back up, more info on the Admins/Info Page. Now with casbah and avanti. The stats page for it has been brought up to date with the rest of the site. If you lose your login while going to the #2 stats/news page, log out and then log back in to fix it.
Various things around the site have been changed to look better. Forums got some new icons, plus threads over 60 days old are automatically locked. Ranking tables visually redone. Also, theres a new option in your preferences (when you login) for page theme. Only two options available right now, but now you people that are too depressed by the dark page can view it differently.
Spring is progressing. Added detpacks defused stats to the website (check under the scout and demoman pages). Added your last ban date/time, length, and reason to your preferences page if you have your uniqueid assigned.
Kill to death ratio rankings have been tweaked to prevent abuse. Requirements are now over 100 deaths instead of 500 kills. Deaths also include suicides.
Results of the easter egg hunt are here. Also the full 2003 rankings are available.
Welcome to spring.
A STEAM version of D2F is up at hl2.qlad.net:27015
Its pretty much the same as the WON D2F, and uses the same stat database, which means the same rankings and stats pages, etc. Soon I will finish up the conversion program so that you can convert your stats from WON to STEAM.
Happy St Patrick's day.
Players are green.
Ralphy serves up only irish beer.
Fixed Rainbow Players.
Lots of new rankings are now available, as promised. Also made some minor changes to forum title displays, page colors, and added a couple new stats in general.
Rankings should be working again now. All ranking tables are the same speed, theres no limitation on the number of ranks I can create, they are in realtime instead of every three hours, and they properly count ties. I will probably be adding more ranks in the near future. If you have an idea for one, post it here.

There are some new page viewing options on preferences if you have logged in.

Database moved over as well, stats should be back to normal speed. Yay for self contained servers.
Moved website to the server machine. Stats will be a bit slower since its accessing those over the internet now. Everything else should be working ok, but let me know if there are any errors still coming up.
Upped the requirements on some of the ranking pages. Working on adding the HWGuy titles.
Pre-spring cleaning

Rainbow players was still acting up, so I disabled it for now. New logo just for fun. And all is well in drippyland.

Some lamer hit 100,000 deaths too
Happy new year. Congrats to $layer on being the first to reach 100,000 kills.
There is snow. There has been for a while
Halloween decorations are up, all of last years plus a new little suprise from dark places.
Added forums to the site, the ability to login (soon you will be able to tie a uniqueid to this, and sometime be able to upload pictures). Also a long awaited explanation of The STD Experiment. Moved some of the links over to a Misc page.
Kyree made a Pictures page for people that play on the server, a lot of the current regulars are over there, so take a look.
Dolly is back, shes a little pissy though, and will bite anyone that comes near. She is also capable of calling in sheep strikes, so give her some respect, eh?

Here is a zip file with all the server addons in it. Extract, with paths, to your half-life directory if you dont want to download them through HL.

I've purchased dedicated hosting for the server. Its moved over. Right now its being covered using the existing donations left over from when I bought the server, and should be able to get by on that for a few months. But, now there is a use for new donations

The IRC relay bot is now on irc.gamesnet.net #d2f, if you need, there is a guide for those new to irc, or you may try visitng the gamesnet's site for more information.
Happy Canada Day or something. I found this about 4 miles from my house.
Give your unfs to these people, they lost 7 months of stats: Downrange, Moumou, [GHOST]Maxis, Baphomet, i.kill, [d2f]Kalani, [PvT]Winston Cow[d2f], w, Cable_Guy, Palerider, wetard, OhReally
$andman really hated coming in 2nd last year.

Easter Egg Hunt Results
PlaceNameEggs found
3rdSkills The Monkey19
4th[ERAU] WurmWizard [CoM]17
5th[PvT] Winston15
10th[d2f] BrianGa9


A Qwest cable was cut, bringing down phone lines and circuits for the city that the server is hosted in. Absolutely no communication in or out except for sporadic cell service. Exceptionally good timing for such an outage.
Server is now on an Athlon 2600+ w/ 512MB DDR 333 RAM.
Wuhu came back a week later, but the damage was done already. Thanks to the donations, the server is now up and running on a Athlon 1900+ machine. Pings seem to be looking much better. Some problems initially with heating issues but that should be taken care of now.
Ralphy ran off with wuhu. Without her mostly pure presence, 2fort sunk closer to hell, causing perpetual darkness outside, and a warmer climate. On the other hand I dont think anyone will miss Ralphy. Infections are more potent so close to the curse of mankind, no longer do they merely cover the body in a yellow glow, but now coagulate near the head.

Over 80,000 players since June 2001.

Stats page is finished for now. I may add randompc or more rankings after some code revisions, due to some limitations I ran into with MySQL.

There is an unbalanced skill system in the server now, you can see it with !skill and by doing !hud until it shows there. I will now give commands with your name if you donate, see the donations page for more info, I also came across a processor, and soon probably a hd for it.

QLAD is released for those of you interested in customizing your server like I have. Most of the stuff I run is included in the default configs. It is pretty easily customizable as to what features you want to have running. Though, at the moment, documentation, especially for the scripting language, is somewhat lacking.

Stats page is coming along, and pretty much all old features and a couple new ones are in the server. Pills are back, with the change that !give and idle pills are distributed to everyone instead of a random person. Some of the ratios are also different. I added rankings for select things to the stats page. Very interesting stuff. Concerning rankings, I will never add a ranking category that could possibly give people incentive to disrupt gameplay (most infections passed, most suicides, most caps, etc.). More to come in this area.
Most of the bugs are worked out, and most features are back in. Still some to do though, hopefully will finish next week. Meanwhile, I lied, and I moved over the stats for further development here.
Introduced QLAD to the server. Things will likely be broken for the next week or so, while I get bugs worked out, and scripts completed. Not all customizations that were there will still be, and there are changes in commands (!stat and !score and !tstat and !tscore make sense now!).

See realtime stats at http://www.qlad.net/webstat -- This will be moved over when complete. If there are any major stat bugs, I may need to revert back to todays stats in the database. You have been warned.

Made some tweaks to the pill system, reduced the pills gained in hunting and via presents by 50%. I also changed it so when you lose pills from being idle, they go away instead of going to a random person. Go get your free slurpee.
Added the Hunting system. See the customizations section.
Halflife win32 client -> patch. (and if you dont trust me, try here)
Upgraded to the latest Halflife server.
Dolly has made it back home. She is being kept in a safe location and isnt being cloned again just yet.
Server has moved to a new machine. This should fix 99% of the lag issues.
The Easter egg hunt is over.

    First Place: Meakster with 50 eggs
    Second Place: $andman with 40 eggs
    Third Place: DirtyDawg with 29 eggs

For those of you that haven't heard, reno's server is going down. This includes the forum he was hosting for me. So much for flame wars.

The coward who has kidnapped dolly seems to be content to hide from confrontation and will not accept any challenges to resolve the issue. Poor dolly.


Dolly has been kidnapped! I received the ransom note earlier this week:
I am holding Dolly for ransom.
She will be safely returned once all my demands have been met:

1. I want an X-men Wolverine action figure
2. I want a fully automated Power Rangers Neo Robot
3. I want working Spiderman webshooters
4. I want 200 cents

If my requirments are not met, i will turn Dolly into haggis.... you have 
been warned
Unfortunately the clones have lost motivation cause of this. There are some sick individuals out there.

Released HLCA 0.79 today.

Whoa, guess i havent updated the news in a while. Not much has been happening on the server, just been going through the slow process of tweaking the skill system.

Finalized the XMAS Mods today. The tactical advantage from presents and sheep is explained in the customizations section. There are hardware problems with the server this weekend. It seems to randomly reboot. I will continue to replace hardware on Monday and see if that fixes it.

Server crashed today due to hard drive failure. Fuck Western Digital. Server is back up now. Stats are restored from December 8th.

Change of plans. I have been working on MySQL lately. I have conversion to mysql working, but not quite working completely using it. Its sort of a kludge because of the amount of stats that HLCA keeps (8,000+ possibly on each player), mysql cant really handle in a single table. Currently, due to mysql crashing consistently with a lot of columns, it spans over 80 tables. This might make things a bit complicated with a web stat thing. We will see. Skill is getting closer.

Figured I should probably write an update. Still working on HLCA and added the Happy Pills thing to the server last week. Its pretty much pointless, pills dont mean anything at all. Just something to fill the space while I get the skill system balanced out. I made another pass at it today, so its getting closer. I might be able to re-enable it next week to work out the final tweaks, at this rate.

Site redesign. You can click on the above nifty promo picture to get a bigger version.