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P: 05/07/2021 16:10
    I went to UMASS and received a useless degree in English Communications / Writing and Rhetoric. It was a fall-back of going in undecided. I was going to major in Marine Biology but by junior year they said I would've had to stay an extra year. So I went with what I thought was a good degree to have pre-law school but then I ended up having my son when I was a senior and never went back to school after obtaining my Bachelors. Now I have continuing education credits and initials after my name in the Insurance industry, but no master's. I still plan on getting a master's degree at some point but I need to figure a few things out before doing so.
I wish I had cared more about education going into college but I was too involved with music and other stuff that didn't involve academia. At the end of the day, a Bachelor's degree is worth shit now. I liked college and learning and was a decent student, but academia has a stick up its ass and it also costs a lot of money.
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