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P: 02/24/2021 13:26
    So what does someone like me with a 144hz monitor and the below settings do to improve or solve the stuttering/screen lag/screen judder or however you want to describe I get all the time? Sounds like Spoofer is saying I should set my max_fps to 144 instead of 240?

vsync off in Nvidia control panel
fps_override "1"
fps_max "240"
gl_gsync "0"
gl_vsync "0"
default_fov "125"

rate 50000
cl_updaterate 102
ex_interp 0.1
cl_cmdrate 999

I get a lot of lag and choke at times on the server but I'm more interested in fixing the stutter issue. It's fucking annoying trying to DM people or for concing.
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