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P: 09/20/2021 09:54
    I really don't understand what Master's plan was or is with that server.

Firstly he runs a load of mods that unbalance the game and favours more skilled players. The bunnyhop plugin that allows good bhoppers to reach crazy speeds. The trimp plugin ( that allows skilled players to jump from bridge ramp to battlements on 2fort, for example. The skull nade bag is so weird too. Heals infections (why? that's what medics are for) and gives out extra nades.

Secondly he allowed that attention seeking and disruptive lunatic Angi to completely dominate the server and ruin the experience for many players. Her behaviour is only amplified by having all-talk turned on (again, why?), so the entire server has to listen to her commenting after every kill, the constant maniacal laughing, the feuding and taunting, the veiled threats.

But then he seems to be banning people for being good at the game and killing him. He banned some dude for being a fast bunnyhopper recently too. Seems to be a contradiction to ban people for playing well or cleverly yet running stupid mods that only increase the skill gap between good and less good players.

In recent months some changes were made for the better.
1. He finally removed admin from Angi. Although perhaps he should consider a gag too or at least disable all-talk, as she apparently can't stop flapping her gums for more than 10 seconds. A fucking moron.
2. He disabled those bhop and trimp mods plus the custom nade bag.

The games were good for a couple of weeks but now he's re-enabled all the mods again, except there's now a custom cap or something on bhop and it feels awful. Why he can't just leave it on the default/vanilla setting I don't know.
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