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P: 06/13/2021 21:03
E: 06/13/2021 21:03
sp0t wrote:
-[IBSC]-iLluSiON- wrote:
A few weeks ago I went and bought a nice bird feeder for the yard. Slowly, over time, more birds found out about it to the point where it was constantly being used.
Obviously that also means those dang varmints also get involved.
I've seen baby red squirrels, a fat ass grey squirrel and one chipmunk. The bird feeder would close shut when the weight of a grey squirrel was on it. The red squirrels were too cute and light so I let them feed sometimes. The chipmunk was the loudest and most obnoxious of the bunch.
Two days ago I notice some bite marks on the metal wire holding the feeder up. It was as if they wanted to make it topple for the prizes inside.
Yesterday, I had to go into the office. Came back from work and the feeder was on the ground, nuts and seeds everywhere. The wire was still hanging, so it fell some other way. As I walk towards it, 4 chipmunks scutter out of there squeaking & talking to each other as they spread out to the woods.
They somehow opened up the top of feeder and chewed at the pieces attaching the wire to the feeder. Those motherfuckers gotta pay.

A few questions:
A.) should I buy a slingshot or beebee gun and snipe them to death?
B.) what is a good way to avoid having this happen again? "ALLLLLLVIIIINNNNN!"
C.) anyone recommend a good product / feeder?
Old gardeners trick: Grated Irish Spring soap repels small mammals and larger ones like deer and is harmless to the environment

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Tried cayenne pepper: Fail.

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