Ala your typical irc channel quotes page...

<[C*C]KillaMofo> hehe my neighbor just died, but i dont want to leave the comp

<Phalanx> where else but Drippy's can you see raining men
<[EW] |2iPPeDFuEL> exactly
<{bfd*}SplatrBladr> a gay broadway show?

<Drippy-'s 2fort> -=|LOL|=- finally killed someone after 192 deaths in a row

<Player> Why does everybody keep killing me?

<Jim Dunlop> no i mean when the hand gets done strokin the gun it jerks back...

<Drippy-'s 2fort> CRO takes it right up the ass from ButtFace
<ButtFace> thats disgusting
<Drippy-'s 2fort> ButtFace gets raped by CRO
<ButtFace> i got raped by cro right after i gave it to him up the ass?

<Somewone> damnit bush stop scoring, i refuse to be beaten by a politicion :p

<Why does it BURN when I pee?> pass me the antibiotics please

<(1)Player> i'm so hungry, i could eat the ass end of a menstral skunk

<[DFC]JoShMaN> Drippies Fan Club FOREVER!!!!!

Server> human vibrator takes after the squirrels

<Endless_Nameless> thats as bad as toast fucking

<MD_Poonhill> this server is harder to get into than a nun

<[-NLS-]SUPER chief> they need to put a toilet in this fort. I have to take a growler!!

<Get_your_Gunn> they should put a warning on the tfc package...Warning: Bills wont get paid and your girlfriend will get pissed

<The PSI Factor> can admins kill other players?

<hello bitch> how do you talk

* FluFFo ended her own Engineer killing streak of 23 with an electric doorway.

<Zahad> it's hard to be serious when you have hearts falling out of your ass

"the best server ever" - CeleryGeneral

"If i was having this problem with any other server, i just wouldnt go back" - cneen