The STD Experiment

On 08/19/2003, a green cloud passed over the server, infecting everyone with a 'Type-A' and 'Type-B' virus. Both of these were passed via uNFs. Type-A passed to you if the person you were uNFing had it, or to them if you had it. Type-B only passed when you uNFed a person infected with it. A biohazard symbol displayed and it hurt when an infection was present, Type-B hurt more than Type-A.

The virus spread naturally over the following month and a half, and these are the results. 25 people were initially infected, by the end of that evening, 44 were infected with Type-A and 32 with Type-B. A week later, 440 had Type-A and 128 had Type-B. When all was said and done on October 10th, 2,589 had Type A, and 307 had Type-B.

Nobody knew what this was all about, so the virus spread at peak rates. If you notice nurse wuhu treating you when you join the server, thats means you were infected with one of the two types. View first 500 infections.

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